Enough with The Old Way of Doing Business in Florida

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It’s the 21st Century—government officials shouldn’t be making backdoor deals with special interests any more. But a quasi-state agency—Enterprise Florida—does just that. Florida needs to end its old way of doing business and get out of innovation’s way. That can be achieved by passing House Bill 7005.   This legislation will eliminate…

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The Snuggie: An Example of America’s Convoluted Trade Structure

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The Snuggie—a warm, fuzzy blanket with sleeves to make lounging even more comfortable—has become a shining example of how convoluted America’s trade structure is.   This might surprise you, but the Snuggie’s unique design makes it a target of the federal government. You see, the government categorized the Snuggie as “pullover apparel,” even going so…

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4 Ways Obamacare Replacement is Just Smoke and Mirrors

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  Obamacare isn’t working and Americans want it repealed. That’s evident from the past four congressional elections where voters overwhelmingly elected representatives who promised to repeal the failed health care law. Now should be the time that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives finally repeals Obamacare. Instead, their proposal released earlier…

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