Hands Off My Scooter!

By | Sharing Economy

This week in government overreach… add scooters to the long list of things that are now being needlessly regulated. In San Francisco, innovative companies like Bird Rides, LimeBike and Spin have deployed electric scooters with location trackers on city sidewalks as a fun and easy way for young people to…

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Trump/Gardner Deal on Marijuana is a Big Win for State Sovereignty

By | Government Overreach

Earlier this year, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo giving federal prosecutors greater authority to enforce marijuana laws. The memo was intended to allow federal prosecutors in states where marijuana is legal to determine how aggressively to enforce the current federal law that prohibits it. Under federal law, marijuana is classified as an illegal substance under…

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Tariffs Are Coming for Your Favorite Things

By | Taxes

Are you ready to pay more for beer and soda? How about chocolate? Or takeout? Tariffs are coming, and they’re coming for almost everything you love. Last month, the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Tariff supporters like to claim their favorite regulation will protect American…

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