In Protesting Betsy DeVos, Harvard Students Ignore the Popularity of Education Freedom Among Minorities

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In September, USA Today reported on new data from University of Chicago researchers finding that, among millennials, 65 percent of African Americans and 58 percent of Latinos surveyed support school choice. This didn’t stop Harvard University students from protesting Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s speech on educational freedom. DeVos was the…

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‘The Justice System in Its Current Form Destroys Families’: Weldon Angelos Talks Life After Serving More Than a Decade of a 55-Year Sentence

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A year ago, Weldon Angelos was released from prison after serving nearly 13 years of a 55-year sentence. Today, he’s leading the movement for criminal justice reform in the United States. Weldon’s story about facing over-criminalization and injustice is well-known. He was arrested for selling marijuana while in possession of…

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