The Scariest Part Of Halloween Is The Cultural Appropriation Police

By October 31, 2016Free Speech

Many kids will bring their favorite characters to life this Halloween. However, if you’re a kid inspired by Maui, the Polynesian figure depicted in the upcoming Disney movie “Moana,” you’re out of luck thanks to the politically correct crusaders against freedom of speech and expression.

Halloween is the time that regular Janes and Joes dress up as the superhero, TV or movie character, or occupation of their fantasies. Wigs, makeup, and unusual outfits are all part of the fun of becoming something you’re not in daily life. That is exactly what the cultural appropriation police want to stamp out. They are already trolling campuses and department store websites for their next targets.

Disney recalled their Maui boys’ costume after outrage erupted on social media that the full-length brown trousers, long-sleeve shirt covered in “tattoos,” and skirt of leaves was racist. Allowing children to pretend to be another race is a “new-version blackface,” according to one critic.

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