Where Do Millennial Parents Stand on School Choice?

By January 25, 2017Education

Millennials are more typically associated with college and higher education than with K-12 schooling, however this is quickly changing. As the older block of the millennial generation has begun to settle down and have children of their own, school choice is becoming an issue of greater importance.

Today’s young Americans grew up in a world surrounded by choice. Whether they were choosing from several hundred cable television stations or choosing from a variety of music available at the click of a button, Millennials have never wanted for options.

It should come as no surprise then, that when it comes to educating their children, Millennials prefer to have a wide range of options.

A recent report released by EdChoice found that young Americans tend to have a highly favorable opinion towards school choice. In fact, when asked specifically about public charter schools, which offer an affordable alternative to traditional public education, 63 percent of the Millennials polled expressed a positive view as opposed to the 19 percent who reported having negatives opinions towards charter schools.

Additionally, when compared to other generations, Millennials were three times as likely to give positive feedback towards the overall institution of charter schools. For those young Americans who currently have school-aged children attending a charter school, the positive responses were even greater.

Millennials also expressed strong support for making more educational options available to those who do not have the means to pay for private schools. For example, the survey found that 60 percent of Millennials support school voucher programs and 63 percent support a tax-credit scholarship program.

While similar to voucher programs, tax credit scholarships would allow parents to a get tax credit for money they would already be paying towards public education with their tax dollars. Parents can then use this credit to send their children to the school of their choice. This allows parents to have more control over where their tax dollars are spent while allowing their children to have access to a topnotch education.

As the Millennial generation continues to age, these approval ratings are expected to continue their upward trend. While the public education system has done much to disappoint many Americans over the years, it is no wonder that the generation accustomed to choice in every aspect of their lives, favors more educational opportunities for their own children.

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