Dueling Philosophies Behind Obamacare’s Future: Part 1 – The Government Option

Congress is taking strides to repeal Obamacare this year. But right now the question is: What policy or policies will come next?

Earlier this week, Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders debated the best way to solve the problems facing the U.S. health care system. Both agreed that access to affordable health care is one of the most important problems to address, but they had fundamentally different beliefs on who is best equipped to decide what solutions should look like.

Senator Bernie Sanders argues that a government-controlled health care system is the best way to provide affordable care to all Americans. 

 Under a government-controlled health care system, people are mandated to pay for coverage and often have a limited set of choices available to them. This is unfair to those who must make sacrifices in other parts of their lives in order to meet the government’s demands. In the debate, Sen. Sanders shamed a woman for wanting to expand her small business rather than pay for expensive health care:


Then this happened.



In government-controlled health care, taxes are levied to fund everyone’s coverage. His goal is to model the United States after “Nordic utopias.” These countries tax citizens at extremely high rates to provide safety-nets through all stages of life:



The problem with Sen. Sanders’ government-controlled health care system is that it takes the patient out of the discussion and puts politicians and bureaucrats in control. It assumes that we all have the same wants and needs in a health care plan, but that’s not the case.

We should not be forced to pay for health insurance plans that we don’t want or need and can’t afford—directly out of pocket or indirectly through higher taxes. If Sen. Sanders is serious about providing all Americans with access to affordable health care, then he should support efforts that empower us to make our own health care decisions. And, he should support efforts that lead to greater choice and competition—that’s what lowers cost.

You can watch the full debate here, and be sure to check back for Part 2—The Consumer Option where we’ll explore Sen. Cruz’s proposals to fix our health care system.

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