NC Craft Breweries Fight Barrel Caps

Change is brewing in North Carolina’s 100 counties. The number of craft breweries in North Carolina has nearly tripled since 2010; the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild estimates there are now more than 200 independent breweries across the state. This growing industry employs nearly 10,000 North Carolinians.

But while North Carolina’s brewing industry is improving, its regulatory climate is not. The state caps craft beer production at 25,000 barrels before owners must contract with a distributor and sign over the rights to their brand.

Hard-working entrepreneurs should not be hindered by red tape and regulation. Fortunately, lawmakers in Raleigh are listening.

New legislation introduced to the General Assembly could get government out of the way of growing businesses. House Bill 500 provides opportunities for growth and prosperity for all craft brewers by raising the cap on production without a distributor from 25,000 barrels to 200,000 barrels.

A higher cap isn’t ideal, but this is a great step forward. Craft brewers would have more room to experiment, grow, and compete. Passionate entrepreneurs could aim higher and go further in the industry. Plus, less red tape means more choices for craft beer aficionados.

North Carolina lawmakers should remove government-mandated barriers to opportunity in their state. The entrepreneurial spirit built the United States and continue to support our nation. Give the entrepreneurial spirits of North Carolina a chance to make their state a more prosperous and inviting place to live.

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