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By April 24, 2017Free Speech

Free speech is a simple concept. Lawmakers in Raleigh understand that free speech is under attack on college campuses across the state. Because of their bold leadership, a bill has been proposed that would protect and preserve free speech on public college and university campuses.

Each person has a right to express their own thoughts and opinions without being censored. But speaking freely is not so easy. Many people are unfairly ridiculed for stating unpopular opinions; censorship of those opinions is prevalent on college campuses today.

My campus is full of people I consider family, but as a Republican, I am often frightened to share my viewpoints. College campuses are known to be liberal. Republicans like myself often get shut down, yelled at, and even cursed at for expressing our beliefs and opinions.

I cannot say something remotely contrary to the mainstream opinion without fearing what I’ve said is going to ‘hurt someone’s feelings’ or make someone angry with me. The fear of being reprimanded for expressing my personal beliefs and opinions is not what college should be about.

If you disagree with me, fine. Either have a polite, respectful conversation with me or just don’t say anything. It’s not hard. Respecting free speech goes both ways. When someone expresses something I disagree with, I do not scream and yell at them for what they expressed.

Free speech is about mutual respect. Students on campuses across the state deserve to attend classes and further their education in a place where their differing opinions are challenged by additional perspectives, not censorship. Urge your lawmakers to make this a reality for students across the state. Tell your representative to pass campus free speech legislation and make it law.

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