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By April 24, 2017Free Speech

Ironically, while the liberal students at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill tout strong opinions of diversity and open mindedness, they vilify anyone who diverges from their way of thought.

FIRE (Foundations for Individual Rights in Education) has rated UNC-Chapel Hill as the only green light public university in North Carolina. UNC may have some of the better speech code restrictions in the state, but that does not mean diverse opinions are respected and differing ideas are encouraged.

Lawmakers in the General Assembly realize college campuses are not the bastion of open dialogue that they once were – or believed to be. Legislation has been filed that would protect and preserve free speech on public university campuses.

Many students on campus preach tolerance but intimidate and exclude those they disagree with by using violence and oppression instead of engaging in diplomatic persuasion. Conservatives on campus feel like the minority, and few dare to express their opposing thoughts and ideas.

Why? Because professors take every opportunity to bash President Trump; there are “Pie Trump in the Face” displays set up in the center of campus; and posters inciting violence against on-campus conservatives are scattered around every major trafficked area of campus.

To wear a “Make America Great Again” hat would guarantee non-stop, aggressive bullying from the administration, faculty, and students. Their behavior is widely tolerated, if not openly encouraged.

My opinions are not reflected in the platforms of those running for Student Body President. They are not present in any marketing (posters, boards, etc.) on campus. Nearly every email coming from the administration either openly denies my opinions or is clearly written in opposition to them.

UNC-Chapel Hill is only diverse in the broad spectrum of color and background of its students. It is a prison of thought, where leftists guard the gate, barring anyone who disagrees.

UNC-Chapel Hill may have a green light rating from FIRE, but students and faculty do not respect my opposing opinions. They do not tolerate my beliefs, and they certainly do not support diversity of thought.

Nothing about my campus leads me to believe free speech is alive and well on university campuses across the state. It is far past time for our lawmakers to protect and preserve what so many campuses lack. Urge your lawmaker to pass HB527 and/or SB507 and make it law!

Megan Cooke is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill. She cares deeply about the liberty movement and wants to make a huge impact in the lives of others.


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