Trump Administration Takes on Occupational Licensing Reform

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is wisely pushing for much needed reform of occupational licensing laws, government permission slips that create barriers to opportunity for young people. 

In a speech in Denver last week, Secretary Acosta urged state lawmakers to eliminate unnecessary occupational licenses while streamlining those that make sense.

“The growth of occupational licensing is part of a nationwide trend where we regulate, and regulate, and regulate. In 1950, the Code of Federal Regulations ran about 10,000 pages long. Today it has ballooned to more than 180,000 pages. In 1950, only about 1 in 20 jobs required a license. Today, more than 1 in 4 Americans need a license to legally perform their work,” said Acosta. “The Trump administration is committed to working to strengthen our economy and empower the American workforce. Americans want principled, broad-based reform. If licenses are unnecessary, eliminate them. If they are needed, streamline them.”

Secretary Acosta also explained to lawmakers how rolling back these government permission slips would help put Americans to work.

“Taking up this issue is one way that you, as legislators, can have immediate, consequential and measurable impact. You have a tremendous opportunity to help create millions of jobs, without spending a dime,” he said.

Generation Opportunity applauds the Labor Secretary for raising awareness on this important issue that negatively impacts millions of young Americans.   

Click here to tell your member of Congress it’s time to reform occupational licensing laws. 

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