WATCH: Why Young Americans Should Support Tax Reform

By October 2, 2017Taxes

According to Generation Opportunity Executive Director Carrie Sheffield, young Americans should be very excited about the tax reform framework released last week by the White House and leaders in Congress.

During an appearance on the Fox News Channel, Sheffield explained how bringing more jobs and investment opportunities back to the U.S. will help young Americans.

“Younger people are super excited [because] we’re going to simplify the tax code, repatriate a lot of that $2.5 trillion or so overseas, [and] make things a lot simpler and fairer.”

A simpler tax code, Sheffield said, will benefit young people by making it easier for small businesses to operate and create more jobs.

“The tax code is so complicated and convoluted right now that it’s only the large incumbent players who can hire their army of compliance tax attorneys to deal with this,” she said.

Sheffield added that the support for tax reform from grassroots organizations like Generation Opportunity highlights a “unified front here that is very tangible and very exciting.”

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