Want More Jobs? End Restrictive Licensing

Do you live in a state with absurdly stringent occupational licensing regulations? According to a new study, it might be time for lawmakers to take a second look at those.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty found that slashing red tape on the 10 most broadly licensed jobs could result in 4.5 percent employment growth in those professions. Reducing licensing requirements for these jobs to the level of the least-burdensome state—Hawaii—would enable thousands of Americans to pursue their dreams and build a better life for themselves and their families.

The study looked at jobs such as cosmetologists, emergency medical technicians, manicurists and pest control workers. Aspiring workers in each of these professions are required to jump through hoops before getting government permission to work. The average cosmetology license, for example, requires applicants to complete more than a year of education at an expensive school, pay $142 in fees and pass two exams.

The results of this study should be yet another wakeup call to state lawmakers. It’s time to cut the red tape and reform our country’s outdated occupational licensing requirements.

To demand an end to oppressive occupational licensing laws, click here.

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