Uber Is Providing Rides for Former Inmates Trying to Find Work

When former inmates are trying to put their lives back together, they face a lot of hurdles that can keep them from finding a place to live or getting a job. Many ex-offenders want to work, but don’t have the reliable transportation they need to get to interviews or hold down a job.

A new program in Arizona is looking to solve that problem. The state has partnered with Uber to launch a pilot program in one county for recently-released inmates who successfully completed an employment program while in prison.

“Uber for Jobs” will provide former inmates with rides to things like job interviews or the first day of work. The program will be monitored by corrections officials and help get ex-offenders back on their feet.

This is just one step Arizona has taken to help rehabilitated former inmates re-enter society. Governor Doug Ducey has also issued an executive order “banning the box” for all state agencies. Under the “Second Chance Box” initiative, agencies will wait to ask job applicants about criminal history until after the first steps of interviews.

Innovative programs like Uber for Jobs are a great way to break the cycle of incarceration and give people a second chance. Without the ability to get a job, many former inmates may feel like their only option is returning to a life of crime.

Now men and women who paid their debt to society and have demonstrated they want to get on the right path have a better chance of success.

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