WATCH: Florida State Senator Dennis Baxley is Defending Free Speech on Campus

It is no secret that free speech has come under attack on many of America’s college campuses. Fortunately, leaders like Florida State Senator Dennis Baxley are taking a stand to protect your First Amendment rights.

Senator Baxley joined Fox and Friends First this morning to discuss legislation he has introduced in the Florida Senate that would put an end to so-called “Free Speech Zones” on Florida’s publicly-funded college and university campuses. These deceptively titled zones actually restrict students from exercising their constitutionally-protected First Amendment rights by restricting free expression to sanctioned and pre-determined zones.

Check out Senator Baxley’s segment here.

“Our universities should be a place where everyone experiences free speech and we don’t have to protect people from hearing something they might disagree with,” Baxley said. “We’re really taking specific issue with this idea that free speech should be limited to zones. And that very idea is in conflict with the concept of free speech. Free speech applies wherever we are and we shouldn’t fear debate and we’ve got to learn to have a civil discourse again. Certainly, of all places, our colleges and universities need to embrace this.”

According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, nearly one in six universities maintain free speech zones. Permission is usually required to use these “speech zones,” and applications must be approved by the university days or even weeks in advance.

Generation Opportunity shares Senator Baxley’s belief that the entire country, not just a specified zone, should be a place where the free speech is tolerated. Let Senator Baxley know you support his efforts to protect free speech on campus by clicking here!

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