Washington Post Gives ‘Net Neutrality’ Supporters “Three Pinocchios” Over Sky is Falling Claims

We aren’t the only ones who have noticed the fear-mongering coming from ‘net neutrality’ supporters desperate to preserve their big government policy.

The Washington Post today fact-checked claims that repealing the Obama-era internet regulations will “bog down and end the internet as we know it.” Not surprisingly, the Post gave the “policy experts” making these outrageous clams “Three Pinocchios.” Translation: they haven’t been shooting straight with the public when it comes to what the repeal of these outdated regulations really means.

For example, Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) said the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rolling back “net neutrality” would “end the internet as we know it.” Sound like a bit of an exaggeration? Probably because it is. The internet was blossoming before the Obama administration implemented these restrictions and will only be stronger after they are repealed.

Recently, Federal Communications Commission FCC Chairman Ajit Pai introduced and helped pass the Restore Internet Freedom Order, a measure that rolls back the unnecessary internet regulations that were advanced during the Obama administration often referred to as “net neutrality.” The order reclassifies the internet under Title I instead of Title II of the Communications Act – a provision designed to govern 1930’s-era technology.

This much-needed reclassification will ensure the internet remains open to innovation and investment for years to come without the heavy hand of government standing in the way of development and improvement. It is a major win for young people who have undertaken some of the internet’s most significant advances and will continue to do so without Washington bureaucrats blocking their path.

Americans who favor the burdensome ‘net neutrality’ regulations are stirring up fear that reclassifying the internet under Title I instead of Title II will change the internet for the worse. In reality, the internet improved tremendously in the years before the Obama administration’s regulations, and thanks to the FCC’s actions, it will continue developing without interference.

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If you think the internet should remain open and out of government hands, thank FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today.

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