Maryland’s Corporate Welfare Is a St. Patrick’s Day Buzzkill

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend! On March 17 we celebrate all things Irish with parades, parties, lots of green and probably a pint or two of Guinness.

But the government is desperately trying to kill your buzz, not just this weekend, but every day with harsh and unnecessary regulations on the craft brewing and distilling industries.

Guinness is opening a brewery and taproom in Maryland. This is the first Guinness brewery in the United States in nearly 60 years, bringing jobs for Marylanders and growth for the economy. Unfortunately, Maryland legislators are jumping in to wreck the experience for everyone.

In 2017, Maryland changed production limits for taprooms in the state, allowing smaller breweries to produce more alongside Guinness.

But now, in an act of blatant corporate welfare, Maryland wants to roll back some of those changes, while preserving more freedoms for Guinness because they’re larger. To their credit, Guinness isn’t supporting that move, probably because they see how stupid it is to limit certain businesses in an industry and not others.

State governments love to jump in and mess everything up when it comes to brewery and distillery laws. Competition builds businesses, not strict regulations that choose winners and losers. Young entrepreneurs deserve the opportunity to compete on a level playing field.

The Irish and Irish-Americans exemplify hard-work and tenacity. They’ve gotten this reputation through building their own businesses and accomplishing their own American Dream. They, along with all young Americans, need the opportunity to thrive and succeed in business without needless government intervention.

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