#WCW: Susan B. Anthony and the Path to Voting Equality

Happy #WCW! This week’s Women’s History Month pioneer is none other than Susan B. Anthony.

Much like Harriet Tubman, Anthony fought for freedom not just for herself, but those around her. She was heavily involved in the movement to end American slavery, but the contribution she’s best remembered for is helping pave the way for the Nineteenth Amendment.

Until 1920, women in America didn’t have the right to vote. Along with others in the suffrage movement, Anthony made the idea of womens’ right to vote a reality. In 1869, she co-founded the National Women’s Suffrage Association.

Anthony spent her life working tirelessly to gain support for women’s suffrage. She even illegally voted in 1872. Imagine a time when you could be tried, convicted and fined for voting just because you’re a woman!

Luckily, that America has come and gone, thanks to Anthony and her refusal to live with less freedom. Although she wouldn’t live to see her work come to fruition, her mark on history is unmistakable. She is truly one of our most remarkable and influential American women.

Stay tuned next week for our next #WCW shout out!

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