The Latest Champion of Limited Government is… Cardi B?

By March 23, 2018Taxes

If you aren’t familiar with Cardi B, she is one of 2018’s most influential and popular rappers. If you have heard of her, you’re likely to conjure up images of hip hop excess and red bottomed shoes.

One thing that probably doesn’t come to mind? A champion for tax reform.

Yet, in the hours since positing an Instagram video expressing her frustration with the current tax code, Cardi has become a fixture among young people in the movement for limited taxes and less government.

WARNING: This video contains extremely foul language:

Tax season has everyone like.. 😩💸 @iamcardib #WSHH

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In the video, between the swearing and anger, Cardi poses what we believe is a fair question. Where the @#$% is all that money going?

The answer will probably have you as upset she is. Because, as you read this, billions of your hard-earned tax dollars are being used to line the pockets of wealthy special interests through a practice known as corporate welfare.

Corporate welfare is when government doles out your hard-earned tax dollars to select special interests who use their connections to secure handouts that aren’t available to others — all at the expense of you, the taxpayer.

Sports stadiums are a perfect example. Nowadays, when a billionaire owner wants a new stadium, instead of digging into their own pockets or rounding up private investors, they simply ask government to force taxpayers to pay for most of it, despite the evidence showing that these projects often fail to generate a fair return for the public. Just look at what’s happening in Tampa right now.

These types of unfair government deals burden taxpayers, force businesses to subsidize their competitors, and encourage cronyism, where politicians pick winners based on their insider status.

So, while we may phrase Cardi’s issue in a slightly different way, she’s onto something and we share her frustration.

If you believe your tax dollars shouldn’t be used as corporate welfare, click here to take a stand!


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