Student Journalists Sue College Over Alarming Free Speech Violations

One of the best things about furthering your education after high school is the promise of finding people, and an institution, who allow you to express yourself freely.

Unfortunately, too many students are finding out that that’s not always the case. In most instances, infringement on free expression persists because legislators have not passed meaningful reform to restore and protect students’ constitutional rights on campus.

So, some students fight for their rights themselves.

On April 9, conservative student journalists at a University of Illinois filed a lawsuit against their school alleging that the university infringed on their rights to free speech, free press and due process.

According to a report by Daily Wire, here’s what happened:

  • Two of the three plaintiffs attended an anti-Donald Trump rally last year, organized by a group on campus, with intentions of reporting on the event for online publisher Campus Reform.
  • While at the event, one plaintiff was assaulted and had his phone smashed by a teaching assistant employed by the university, while the other, who was recording, was lunged at by the same teaching assistant. That lunge was perceived as a physical threat.
  • Despite the incident being recorded, the teaching assistant did not receive disciplinary action from the university. Instead, the students were hit with restraining orders to keep them from observing, reporting on and recording the teaching assistant. There was no notice or hearing.
  • The third plaintiff did not attend the rally but reported on the incident for Campus Reform. He was served a restraining order as well and was told he should stop writing about the incident.

This is just one example of what is becoming an epidemic on the nation’s college campuses. Protecting the First Amendment rights of all citizens should be a nonpartisan issue.

Show you stand with students who are fighting for the rights of themselves and everyone else by signing this petition and joining the movement.

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