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North Carolina’s Latest Corporate Welfare Scheme: Wasting $3.9 Million of Your Tax Dollars on Renovating Vacant Buildings

By | Corporate Welfare

North Carolina’s Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) recently approved 16 infrastructure grant requests that will cost taxpayers a staggering $3,948,755. The purpose? The North Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s team of 15 unelected bureaucrats intends to spend taxpayer-funded grants in the name of “economic development” to “find solutions that help attract businesses.”…

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Washington Post Gives ‘Net Neutrality’ Supporters “Three Pinocchios” Over Sky is Falling Claims

By | Net Neutrality

We aren’t the only ones who have noticed the fear-mongering coming from ‘net neutrality’ supporters desperate to preserve their big government policy. The Washington Post today fact-checked claims that repealing the Obama-era internet regulations will “bog down and end the internet as we know it.” Not surprisingly, the Post gave the “policy experts” making these outrageous clams “Three…

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LISTEN: GenOpp Field Director Asks, “Isn’t Exchanging Ideas What College Is All About?”

By | Free Speech

Recently, Generation Opportunity-Florida’s Demetrius Minor joined the Brian Mudd Show on WIOD-Miami to discuss the importance of preserving and protecting freedom of expression on college campuses. Currently, Florida state legislators are debating legislation that would put an end to so-called “free speech zones” on Florida’s publicly-funded college and university campuses….

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