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Water Parks and Gourmet Dining—Why It’s Time for Some Much-Needed Transparency in Higher Ed

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If college’s main purpose is education, you would think the vast majority of employees on a school’s payroll would be teachers. But at public and private colleges and universities, “non-academic” employees now outnumber full-time, tenure-track faculty members two-to-one.  This hiring disparity is just one symptom of a much larger problem—unaccountable college…

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Adam Carolla, Ben Shapiro To Congress: Free Speech Is Under Attack On College Campuses

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Last week, members of Congress held a hearing on campus free speech featuring panelists from across the political spectrum. All were in agreement—colleges are violating First Amendment rights, and it’s hurting students. Rep. Jim Jordan, who chaired the hearing, said instead of exposing students to new ideas, colleges are increasingly…

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Trump Administration Takes on Occupational Licensing Reform

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Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is wisely pushing for much needed reform of occupational licensing laws, government permission slips that create barriers to opportunity for young people.  In a speech in Denver last week, Secretary Acosta urged state lawmakers to eliminate unnecessary occupational licenses while streamlining those that make sense. “The…

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