More Proof That Occupational Licensing Stifles Jobs and Opportunity for Young Americans

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A new study out this month highlights the damaging effects of needing a permission slip from the government to work, otherwise known as occupational licensing. In the study, left-leaning University of Minnesota Professor Morris Kleiner found that state-based occupational licensing laws hinder Americans from accessing better opportunities in other geographic…

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VIDEO: Carrie Sheffield on MSNBC: Here’s How Tax Reform Helps Young People

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In an interview on MSNBC over the weekend, Generation Opportunity Executive Director Carrie Sheffield explained how young people stand to benefit from the current tax reform plan in Congress. “It’s going to put more money into the pockets of workers,” Sheffield said. “Middle class Americans will see an increase in…

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Getting Paid to Learn—Why the White House’s Focus on Apprenticeships Is a Good Move

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What if there was an alternative to the traditional four-year college education? One where instead of racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt, you got paid around $15 an hour while you learned. Where 90 percent of participants are offered jobs after completing the program. And where the…

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NC Craft Breweries Fight Barrel Caps

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Change is brewing in North Carolina’s 100 counties. The number of craft breweries in North Carolina has nearly tripled since 2010; the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild estimates there are now more than 200 independent breweries across the state. This growing industry employs nearly 10,000 North Carolinians. But while North…

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