Government Overreach

Trump/Gardner Deal on Marijuana is a Big Win for State Sovereignty

By | Government Overreach

Earlier this year, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo giving federal prosecutors greater authority to enforce marijuana laws. The memo was intended to allow federal prosecutors in states where marijuana is legal to determine how aggressively to enforce the current federal law that prohibits it. Under federal law, marijuana is classified as an illegal substance under…

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More Proof That Occupational Licensing Stifles Jobs and Opportunity for Young Americans

By | Economy, Government Overreach, Jobs, Millennial Issues, Occupational Licensing

A new study out this month highlights the damaging effects of needing a permission slip from the government to work, otherwise known as occupational licensing. In the study, left-leaning University of Minnesota Professor Morris Kleiner found that state-based occupational licensing laws hinder Americans from accessing better opportunities in other geographic…

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