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In Protesting Betsy DeVos, Harvard Students Ignore the Popularity of Education Freedom Among Minorities

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In September, USA Today reported on new data from University of Chicago researchers finding that, among millennials, 65 percent of African Americans and 58 percent of Latinos surveyed support school choice. This didn’t stop Harvard University students from protesting Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s speech on educational freedom. DeVos was the…

NYC Attempts to Strangle the Sharing Economy

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Young Americans are traveling more than ever before. According to a recent poll, millennials travel an average 35 days out of the year, more than any other age demographic. Travel is made easier by the sharing economy, which has revolutionized the way younger generations find transportation and book a place…

theSkimm: Speaker Paul Ryan, Beer, and Tax Reform

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Yesterday, House Speaker Paul Ryan was invited to “Sip ‘N Skimm” the new GOP tax proposal over Miller Lites in front of the National Mall.

How Our Broken Tax Code Is Ruining Everyone’s Side Hustle

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Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Airbnb, JustPark, Postmates, DogVacay, SideCar, Fiverr—thanks to the sharing economy, today’s young adults have more options than ever if they’re looking to earn some extra cash. But navigating our outdated tax code can quickly become more confusing than picking passengers up at the airport.  Filings and Forms…